Priya Rai In Green Top


Priya Rai Fucked By Neighbor


 Over a nice meal, Priya Rai recounts the events of her day to her husband. Informing him that their neighbor Johnny stopped by to drop off some mail that got mixed up, inviting him in to see the place and have some coffee. Just a harmless visit from the neighbor. Is she telling the truth? Or has she been up to no good?

Priya Rai Fucked in Salon

 Johnny comes to his usual tanning salon and makes it in right before closing. Priya Rai is working the front desk and asks why Johnny's wife isn't with him. He gives her some excuse. When he comes out of the tanning bed, he goes behind the counter to hit on Priya. She resists because of his wife, but to be honest, she has wanted him for a long time...